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Weekend update!

Alright, so this weekend was a pretty normal weekend for me. To be honest, it was a pretty boring one. 

Friday night was pretty nice, I got home from work and we went out to eat at The Mineshaft. It is a restaurant that is about 2 minutes from my house, but it is one of the biggest and best restaurants in the state of Wisconsin. This place has 3 or 4 bars, and 2 levels of seating, plus a huge game room. It always takes a while to get seated but it is so worth the wait. 

After we ate there, we met up with our friends and had a late night coffee run. Of course I had to get the Salted Caramel Mocha, nomnom! :D Well, I got my drink and realized they gave me the wrong size, I ordered a grande and they gave me a tall. So I let the lady know, and she apologized like 3 times. She made me a new drink and also gave me a coupon for a free drink the next time I go in. I ended up getting one drink for free that night and used the free coupon on Sunday. It was a blessing for sure! I cannot live without my daily coffee! 
Saturday was terrible. I planned to spend the entire day making Christmas cards. YES, I said Christmas cards... I want to get ahead this year since I sold over 200 of them last year. Anyways, I ran out of my adhesive tape runner... the only thing I use to mount paper on to the cards. I can't really do anything with out it, so I ran to Wal-mart to get more, only to find out they got rid of ALL of their runners! I was SO mad! Everywhere else they cost about $4 or more just for one runner, when at Wally World I was getting 2 of them for $2.50. I started to panic, really bad. I don't have any craft stores close to home, the closest one is 25 minutes away. All Saturday I bummed around my house, wondering what the heck to do. My husband was gaming all day so I REALLY had nothing to do. 

Sunday, we went to Michaels and I actually found the same tape runners I was using for a penny cheaper. (right now your thinking, "ummm cool?" when I am like "HECK YES, PRAISE GOD!" haha!) If you are not a crafter or a card maker, you most likely will not understand, but for those of you who do, you know how awesome it is to find something you use all the time, for a lower price! 

Then Sunday was full of awesomeness at church! In the morning we had a service called The Red Cross Movement. It is a series to teach us that we need to get out there and move people and bring them to know Jesus. Well we also had a powerful skit during the service as well, some have seen it already or heard of it, The Lifehouse Skit, here it is:

I love our church!

That sums up my weekend. Hope you all have a blessed week! 

- Kayla


  1. i love our church too =)excited to see what you come up with for christmas!!

    1. Seriously, our church has got to be one of the best around, I wish more people would see it. I have so many visions for our church! Check out my FB page for some of the cards :) <3

  2. Coffee addict here too. :) Love that skit!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

    Following back.


    1. Yay to coffee coffee addicts ;) lol! It was pretty nice, thanks for following :)

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog (Life in a Break Down) now following you back.

    Have to admit I'm not a coffee gal true English girl here give me a cuppa anyday lol


  4. Haha! Thanks! ... don't worry, I accept everyone ;) lol!


  5. newest follower! saw you were close to 100 and wanted to help ya out! by the way, I love me some coffee too! free is the BEST! haha. this time of year it's definitely a pumpkin spice latte from starbucks!

  6. I love that card, Kayla! and that's a very well-staged picture =) and I am REALLY, REALLY happy for you that you found the tape runners a penny cheaper!!!!!!!!! I totally know what that is like and it's totally SO God to help us out in those personal ways, like see, I'm not only going to provide for you but even bless you with an extra penny :D