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Turn sadness into happiness!

So today was one of those crazy busy days! It was a day off of work but I had so much going on.

I had a funeral to go to, one of our very close family friends past away. The funeral was actually for two people, a husband and wife, who I called Uncle Lenny and Auntie Anna. My uncle Lenny grew up with my grandpa, since they were really really young. Well uncle Lenny dies a few years ago but we had a service for him and Anna (who passed away 3 weeks ago), they were both cremated, just in-case you were wondering. This was one of the best services I have been too, everyone was happy and telling all these old stories of them, they even had this video playing from when they were all young, (in the 1950's) it looked like it was something from the movies. SOO COOL! It was like a celebration, because we all know they lived a great life and are now in a place better than what we could imagine :D 

They will be greatly missed!
Uncle Lenny was a crazy funny guy, would always say some crazy puns. But the one thing I will never forget was that he was missing part of his finger, he would try to show me his "magic tick" and I would run away screaming because I knew that he was actually missing part of his finger, haha! Also I remember him always going to my grandparents house to help my grandpa with his pigeon coupe. They had a thing for pigeons I guess, even went to shows and fairs for them. To this day my grandpa still has pigeons in his back yard. 

I don't remember too much about Anna but I do remember her cute little voice and how nice she was. I was very thankful to have her at our wedding as well. I also know she was a really great cook, I have heard from everyone in the family :) 

Even though it was a sad day, it was still really good. My mom and I got some Starbucks before we went, and I was even blessed with some stamps for my card making and even got a Cricut Cartridge for $10! If anyone knows, those are really expensive to buy in the store, anywhere from $30-$85 for one. So $10 is a GREAT price, and I got to meet a really nice fellow crafter :D 
We also went to a few stores to get some things we needed, some dog food and toys for Hope, and some food for us ;) Pizza and avocados are a good thing to have in our house! 

Salted Caramel Mocha Frappe and Pumpkin Spice Frappe
Today was just a good day in general, even though there was a funeral and I had a lot going on, I am still blessed and happy! 

Have a blessed day

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  1. I wish all funerals were like that. I think that's definitely how it should be...