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Our Wedding! 10-8-2011

Sorry if this doesn't play on here, but please take the time to see this video! 

One year ago, I married my best friend. The one God sent to me :) I could not be happier! Here is to MANY MANY more years babe!! 

Credit: Joanna Harrington @ Joanna Photography
The best gift given to us was this video! Thank you Joanna Harrington for the best memories ever!! <3 div="div">


  1. Sorry I am so late with this--I'm now following you via GFC from the Chaos hop. Would love it if you could visit my site and follow back--I'd be super grateful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. you should post some pics of all the amazing crafty things you made for your wedding=)

  3. That is a great idea! I really should :) Thanks Sue <3

  4. love the video, you guys are so cute! =) it was so great when he grabbed you and laid one on you at the end of the ceremony, LOL, and I loved the dancing at the end, too! congrats on your first year =)

  5. Sweeeeet!! Seriously, I had goosebumps while watching the wedding video. Of course, not because it’s scary, but because it’s really sweet! I mean, the genuine happiness was obviously visible on everyone’s face, especially on you, Kayla, and on your groom. I wish you all the best! Happy Anniversary, by the way! =)

  6. That means soooo much to me! Thank you for taking the time out to watch it!!!