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Fall Crafts!

1. Mason jars
2. Acrylic Paint
3. Black Sharpie
4. Decorative Ribbon
5. Candle

There are soooo many ways to make these! First paint the mason jar any color you would like your Pumpkin Character to be. You might need a few coats but wait for the first one to dry. You can either use a black Sharpie or take a needle or something to scratch part of the pant off to make the face. Then add ribbon to the top to finish the look. Add a candle in the inside to make it glow these awesome colors at night! THEY LOOK AWESOME!! 
You can also add embellishments and whatever you would like to these, this is just the simple version :) 

1. Open Bottom Candle Holders
2. Leaves (fake or real)

Just stuff the inside of the candle holder with your favorite fall leaves or decor. So very simple and it looks really pretty!

1. Cheesecloth
2. Balloon or foam ball
3. A water/soda bottle
4. Sticks or pencils
5. Glue
6. Water

Mix equal parts water and glue together in a bowl. Put the cheese cloth in the mix. Make the stand for your ghost, by using a bottle to and balloon/foam ball. Place balloon or ball on top of a water bottle, cut the top off if you need to. Also poke holes in the bottle for the pencils or sticks that you use for the arms. Drape the Cheesecloth over the stand/model, form it to the shape you want your ghost to be. You can even double the the thickness of the cloth to give it a more "flowy" look. 
We used bleach for this one and I DON'T recommend it because it smells and it discolors it. This was made 2 years ago and it still smells. Plus glue is safer for the kids :) 

Hope you enjoyed this! 



  1. Super cute crafts! :) I especially love the pumpkin jars. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Fall is just to fun not to do some decorative crafts :) Thanks for stopping by!!!

  2. hey new friend! pretty cute stuff ya got goin' on around here! me likey!

  3. thank you soo much! it means a lot! :D

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  5. Thanks!! I look forward to getting to know you too! :)

  6. so cute:) I found you from the GFC hop and stopping by to say HI! Would love for you to link this up to Tuesdays with Tori:)

    Take care!

  7. Those mason jars are spooktacular! Love the colors. Thanks for swinging by my bloggity-blog the other day!!

  8. great craft ideas! i need to get going. love your blog and am now following you-- come follow back if you'd like!

  9. Thanks for sharing your fall Craft ideas at Say G'Day Saturday. I just shared them on Pinterest and Google+.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz