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50 Shades of Stupid!

I am the type of person that avoids embarrassment at all cause! I will avoid talking so I don't say something dumb, avoid eye contact with people I know I will embarrass myself around, or not move an inch so I don't fall or trip. Yeah, I am THAT person...

But do those people ever get away with not getting embarrassed or saying something dumb? NO... not ever, if anything we those people get it worse!

There a quiet a few instances of me messing up. One of them was when I was 15, it was at my first job, as a cake decorator. My mom was my boss and she was the one teaching me how to decorate cakes. She was showing me how to frost a round cake. After I frosted it, I had to cut the cake in half and put the two half's in different containers. As I was doing that (shifting the cake over) I dropped it! Not only did my mom and my manager see that I dropped it, so did the store owner! I turned around, sooo embarrassed because it was my first day and I just messed up in front of the owner of the store... and all he had to say was "Ohh, look! Now you can turn it into a teacup! HAHAHA!" ... because it landed on the side. :/

Another story:
Okay so last October I got married, well with that comes the bridal parties, bachelorette  parties, and such. Well anyways I told all the girls in my wedding that I don't want sexy lingerie or even a bachelorette party. All of that stuff makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable. Everyone knows how nervous I get in front of that kind of stuff, so I told them all not to do anything like that.
Well at my bridal shower me and Darrell were opening our gifts, and we opened all of them except the last one, which was from my mom. As I open it, I see a sheet of paper and it was a 1 night hotel stay for the night of the wedding. She told me to look under that, so I did... and it was lingerie. I didn't really look to well at it, but my entire family told me to hold it up, it was a lacy tank top...  Darrell took it and said "nice" and as I was about to put it back, someone pointed out  that there was a thong that came with it. I SCREAMED so loud and ran out of the room embarrassed. Yes, I know its my bridal shower, and I am allowed to have that kind of stuff, but it was just way too weird for me, and really embarrassing since all my friends and family were there. UGHH! Oh yea, better yet, my mom has a video on her phone of it happening and she just showed my neighbors today, and will continue to show others. *rolls eyes* SO DUMB! I don't think my face will ever be that red again, that's for sure.

These stories might not sound to embarrassing or stupid but to me, they are traumatic!! I am the person that WILL avoid this to happen ever again! Hope you enjoyed it! :D

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  1. awww hahaha kayla!!! i must have missed that moment! you ran out of the room??? lol... girl, everyone gets lingerie at their bridal shower... toooo funny!! thanks for co-hosting with me ;)

  2. yea, lol I ran in the bathroom almost in tears. I know, but that "everyone" should not include me hahaha! ughh I am weird. No problem, thanks for having me ;)

  3. Hi from the blog hop (:

    I am the exact same way as you! I try to avoid embarrassment at all costs, yet I do and say the most embarrassing things at times! (all the time) which I think just adds to my weirdness of trying not to haha! I'm glad I'm not alone. I have to admit, your stories were pretty funny.

    Hope you had a good day!!

    xoxo Heather

  4. I work at a preschool/daycare and one of the toddlers has the same name as me. So her dad brings in a pack of diapers and hands them to me. "here is Marinas diapers". I say "thanks, I was starting to get really wet."

    Yeah... We both just stood there quietly, then finally he left.

  5. This is so funny I love it hahha I am following your blog from the GFC Hop and would love to be friends to please stop by my blog and follow back :).
    Nice to meet ya girly!!

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  7. It really is embarrassing getting lingerie in front of all your family! I know the feeling :)

    I"m your newest follower from the GFC blog hop

  8. Just found you through the link up! Love your cute blog! I am a new follower. Would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like :)

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by and following. I am now returning the follow. As a teenager I just did all the crazy, stupid things I could because I loved the thrill. Now as an adult I try to avoid at all cost but it seems like the crazy events follow me. So not cool. lol

    Julie from Stlavonlady – Scatterbrained In St. Louis

  10. This is an awesome post!
    I am now returning the follow :)

  11. LOL, I have a similar story of dropping food one of my first days at my very first job, actually. it was a big convenience store that had pretty much everything, including that we made pizza. so I was putting a hot pizza on the table and it somehow started falling off and I instinctively reached out to catch it with both of my arms. it fell upside down, all the sauce and cheese right on my bare arms - did I mention it was HOT - duh, LOL. not like anyone was going to eat it after that anyway!