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Desires of my heart

This is the list of things I want in life, things I want to accomplish and things I am aiming for along with seeing things happen to others. Enjoy.
  1. Bring as many people to God as possible, so far, me and Darrell have brought over 40 people, and that's not including all the people that we brought, that invited their friends... :D
  2. Get a licence to sell my cards in shops and more on my page 
  3. Move out of my moms house
  4. Be able to buy clothes and things I could use, more often
  5. See my brother on his feet, with a family of his own
  6. Have kids before I am 28
  7. Get my store name patented
  8. Have a house of our own
  9. Be a youth councilor or help out in a church
  10. See my husband drumming for God
  11. See my mom happily married again... even if its hard for me to see her with someone other than my dad
  12. Being able to sell my cards in bulk, all over
  13. Become a better cake decorator
  14. Watch our church grow
  15. Lose 30-40 pounds
  16. Darrell and I having nice paying jobs
  17. Being able to afford and go on a vacation
  18. Use this blog to help others in their journey to God
  19. Stop eating so much chocolate :/
  20. Own a bakery/gift/coffee shop
I could go on forever but I will stop here. God knows the desires of our hearts and I believe he will do whatever it takes to help us make it all happen!


  1. All of your goals are attainable! And yes...God knows ALL the desires of our heart and in His will be! New follower from the "Monday Meetup"
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