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Well Hello Again...

I have not made a single post in forever. I have no idea why I am writing now, but who cares ;) I stopped writing a while ago because I became very busy and just didn't have the time or desire to write. I love writing but I can only do it on my time, I cannot make a post every single day.

Since I am here I hope you all are doing well! Anything new and exiting? Tell me what is the latest and greatest, I want to know whats new! :)

As you all know, Christmas is coming up super fast and most of you will be looking for the perfect gifts for all your loved ones. LOOK NO FURTHER!

I make handmade ornaments. Last year, in less than 4 weeks I sold over 12 dozen ornaments! It was sooo much fun I am selling them again this year. I promise you wont be disappointed! Please come and check out my Etsy page, also PLEASE talk to me about custom orders! So many options, and more to come.

-Kayla G

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