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Shop here for the Holidays!

Have you checked out my Facebook shop yet? If not, you really should. I make all types of greeting cards, home decor, Ornaments, Banners, and other small crafts. I started my Facebook page one year ago, right after we got married. It all started when I would hand out Christmas cards each year to all my friends and family, people just loved them! Well then came my wedding and I made my own invitations. People were going nuts, calling me, telling me they wanted to frame the invite. I had SO many compliments and people encouraging me to open up my own business. 
Well it is safe to say that in just one year I gained about 600 fans! This year I took another big step, I opened up my very own Etsy shop!! Please go check it out! I am now able to accept pay pal and credit cards for all the people that want to order but don't live around me. I will be able to ship anywhere in the US, so go ORDER some stuff ;) Also if you are interested in ordering anything, please look on my Facebook page first and tell me what you want, then I will add it to my Etsy shop so that I don't have to put everything on there, it gets pretty expensive when you have a lot of items to sell haha! 

OH! Here is the best part! I received one of the greatest compliments, and it was posted on a local facebook/craigslist site. This is what one of my customers said: "I'd just like to say I picked up two dozen ornaments from Kayla last weekend. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL and I cannot wait to hand them out to my gf's!!! Worth every single penny and besdies, who wouldn't want the money you work so hard to earn to go into someone else's pocket. She was super sweet and easy to deal with. DO IT! Thanks again Kayla Gerard I have had a hard time keepin my mouth shut about your stuff! LOL" 

This Holiday season PLEASE shop handmade! Nothing is better than supporting local or non- local small businesses and it just means so much more! People love handmade gifts, its more personal, and just really brings happiness to one another. So go on Etsy or shop around this year!! Stop at my shop first *wink wink*



  1. i am just starting christmas shopping, so i can't wait to look at your shop! i already love your cute blog and we are your newest followers! come follow along at Xo

  2. Darling! Good for you for starting your own little shop! :)