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I would like you to meet someone special...

Today I spent all day with the funnest, most amazing, loyal, best friend anyone could have... This is Hope :)
How amazingly adorable is she!?!? I mean seriously, I never thought I could love another dog again after Oliver, but she is making her way into our hearts everyday. 
Before her I had a dog named Oliver that my mom and I got from my dad. He was the best dog, not only because he was our first and only dog but because he was truly the best. He was a pit-bull/ boxer mix and just ALL full of love! I swore I could never love another dog as much as I loved him, I mean, whenever I was sick or just really sad he would come sit by me right away and try to make me feel better. This is Oliver, just the best! I miss him so very much but I know that he is up in heaven with my dad just waiting for us to see him! 

Hope and Oliver are a lot a like and I am really glad. They both fit in this family so easily and both made everyone happy. I couldn't have been more blessed with having both of these dogs... I mean even though Hope isn't my dog (she is my moms) I still consider her mine, I take care of her everyday so basically she is. Well the point of this post, is I just want to say how God blessed my life with such amazing dogs and they help me get through my day! I mean seriously how can this not make you happy right now!?!?!
She loves dragging this thing around, so cute!! <3 <3 

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