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Donation for CCFA :)

My friend Moriah is doing a huge fundraiser to raise awareness for Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis. She is running a 13.1 mile marathon for it and to raise funds for this! I have been asked to donate some of the items I make to this cause. Of course I would, it's a way to help a friend, the community and all in need. Also it would help out my business a little more, kind of a free advertisement. I decided to make 3 handmade gift/ sample baskets to donate:) I am really excited about it! Here are some of the items:                  

If you would like to donate or get more involved here is the link to donate:

Please help my friend Moriah get to her goal of $3,900!! This is one cause that really needs attention! Thank you! God Bless

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