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What to do with Scrabble tiles...

I had the idea to use my old Scrabble game for something, I just didn't know what I wanted to make. I had an old game just sitting there and I wanted to do something creative with it. So I made some cards with it, some cute little valentines. But I felt like I should be doing more, maybe jewelry? I looked on Etsy and EVERYONE that had Scrabble tiles, where using them for jewelry. I didn't want to copy the trend.

So instead of making what everyone else was making, I saw a really cool idea, and something that could be of great use. I saw the idea on Pinterest of how to make a coaster out of your Scrabble tiles. There were a few different ways that I have seen them made. So I decided to make mine a little bit different. 

Scrabble is my favorite game, so why not make your favorite game into something awesome for your house!? All the coasters I was seeing, were only 4x4 and made up of words describing things to eat or drink. I wanted to make mine with inspiration, or some daily encouragement, and a little bigger... 5x5 is much nicer ;)

These have also been made different ways, some use cork on the bottom, some use wood, or hot glue. I have also seen where you are able to take the tiles off and make new words with it like it was an actual game. I decided not to do it like that because it requires more supplies and I didn't want these to cost more than they should, but it was a really neat idea!

I also want to do some window boxes with the tiles, or even magnets for my refrigerator. There are SO many creative ways to use them, just take the time to create it! :) 

I make custom coasters, as long as it's 5x5 it doesn't matter, you also don't have to fill in all the spots, you can use blank ones or make it look like your playing the game. 

Handmade Scrabble Coasters, made by me, are $6.00 each or $20.00 for a set of 4! 
Check out "Kayla's Kards" for details! :) 

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